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Getting Started in Futures
is an extremely readable book covering the commodity / futures markets. Within these pages you'll be introduced to all of the important players-the speculators, hedgers, exchange members, brokerage firms, regulators, and all the rest. You'll come to understand how margins are set, how an order is handled in the trading pit, the steps a producer or user must take to effectively hedge a cash commodity and how to use the futures markets to your own personal or business advantage.

Trading 101is a must read for all newbies! Many are flocking to the futures & options markets.They're looking for alternatives to the usual fixed and stock market returns. This book is written specifically for these commodity newcomers. A light and quick read this book offers a concise introductory description of technical analysis, money management, and a few insights into the psychology of trading. If you want a book which gives you a good introduction this is a  S.M.O.T. choice.

Sun Tzu's The Art of War is an adaptation of a the timeless 6th century B.C. Chinese Classic. Supertrader Dean Lundell applies Sun Tzu's lesson  to the art of investing - from designing a personal trading plan, to timing market moves. The stategic trading relevence of Sun Tzu ancient wisdom is explained in detail. Novice as well as professional traders can use these classic military strategies to conquer the markets.

The Elements Of Successful Tradingis a trader's handbook. It guides you to develop a personalized trading strategy by combining market analysis,sound money management skills, and a winner psychology. This handbook is based on the authors teachings at New York University & the New York Institute of Finance, as well as over ten years of trading experience. These tested strategies
and techniques can be utilized in any type of trading market.

The Four Principles of Tradingfully explains each principle.. 1) Trade with the Trend 2) Cut Losses Short 3) Let Profits Run 4) Manage Risk The author shows readers many alternatives for implementing the principles in their own trading. The book demonstrates that while there are many ways to trade, nearly all successful methods incorporate these axioms in some way. Featuring inter- views with trading stars such as Larry Williams, Jack Schwager,& Jake Bernstein, the book is filled with dozens of important insights.

 PPS Trading Systemhas been called the holy grail by some.The author doesn't see it that way. Having a good trading system is only half the battle. Each individual must bring his own trading discipline to the table.Curtis Arnold  succeeded in an arena where most are destined to fail. Arnold's methodology successfully trades a wide variety of futures markets using just $400 stops.

The Trader's Edgeidentifies the three groups of traders who consistently win: floor traders, commercials, and the market insiders. These
three groups share one important characteristic besides being winners: they all have an edge that gives them a competitive advantage over
 the majority of other traders. Showing you how  to replicate that 'edge'is what this book is all about.

Trading With The Odds contains complete coverage of  money management, including the author's own Kase Dev-Stop, a highly calibrated money management tool.This book provides a clear and methodical path to capitalizing on today's markets and explains the latest technical indicators in simple terms. It unveils several  highly sophisticated indicators that are far more precise than conventional technical indicators.

Trading For A Living gives you the three ingredients of successful futures trading ~1.Mental Discipline 2. Sound Methods ~3.Money Management.. The rules for limiting risk are as vital to a trader as a safety net is to someone walking a high-wire. Don't let a string of losses kick you out of the game. Dr. Elder will help you master a new way of trading.

Advanced Trading Strategies is clearly written and easy to understand. Larry Connors takes you by the hand . He combines the trading rules with over 100 charts and examples.The majority of these trading stradegies have never been seen before.The volitility chapters alone are
priceless. A must read for any serious trader!

Winner Take All is the no nonsense book for every trader! Trading futures successfully is difficult to say the least. Mr. Gallacher cleverly disects the indicators, gurus, get rich quick sytems ,and shows you what it really takes to succeed in this money game.

Tricks Of The Floor Trader is presented in a series of short chapers. 75 tricks used by professional traders are grouped into four sections: strategies and tactics; psychology and discipline; money management; general tricks and tips. The book unveils an extraordinary amount of information on how pros make money in today's fased=paced trading pits. Readers will learn a varriety of techniques from trading a govenment report to exploiting overbought and oversold markets.

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques provides the first in-depth explanation of candlestick plotting & analysis in plain English. This exciting book exposes the reader to the author's years of study, research and practical experience in this increasingly popular and dynamic area. Completely informative and global in its outlook, the background and practical application of these unique and powerful Japanese charting techniques - known as candlestick charts - are fully explained. .

STREET SMARTS-- For the serious trader..You've no doubt heard about Linda and many of you have already read Larry's outstanding book
Investment Secrets Of A Hedge ManagerThe two have teamed up to write this unique short term trading manual. These high probability
methods /strategies are now in print for the first time.

The Intelligent Speculator: This unique approach to trading commodities introduces and explains interval trading. Markets rarely move in a straight line.A method which requires that you neither predict market tops nor bottoms. This book shows you how to exploit the natural tendencies of the markets.

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