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The rates below are based on the past performance of the pages. In the event that the traffic substantially increases, the rate will not change until your term has expired. In the unlikely event of significantly less traffic, you will be credited with an extension on your term. With a multitude of on going promotional activities, the SMOTASS site expects to see a continued overall increase in traffic to all pages.

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THE BOOKMARKS Top of page 1 $650 $1,100
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  @ Each Category 17 / 15 $500 $875
  Bottom of page 1 $450 $850
HOMEPAGE Top of page 1 $700 $1,200
http://www.smotass.net/ Bottom of page 2 / 1 $600 $1,050
SMOT30 Top of page 1 $500 $800
http://www.smotass.net/smotass30.html Bottom of page 2 $350 $625
SMOTCHART Top of page 1 $500 $800
http://www.smotass.net/chart.html Bottom of page 2 $325 $625
SMOTCOT Top of page 1 $500 $800
http://www.smotass.net/cot.html Top 2nd. Spot 1 $400 $700
  Bottom of page 2 / 1 $350 $600
SMOTBROKERS Top of page 1 $600 $900
http://www.smotass.net/soblinks.html Top 2nd. Spot 1 $450 $700
  Bottom of page 2 $350 $575
SMOTSOFTWARE Top of page 1 $400 $750
http://www.smotass.net/TSElliott+.html Bottom of page 2 / 1 $300 $575
SMOTASS~Forum / Chat Links Top of page 1 $400 $750
http://www.smotass.net/chatass.html Bottom of page 2 / 1 $325 $575
SMOT~Educational Trading Resources Top of page 1 $400 $750
http://www.smotass.net/educate.html Bottom of page 2 / 1 $325 $575
SMOTASS~System & Method Links Top of page 1 $400 $750
http://www.smotass.net/s&mlinks.html Bottom of page 2 / 1 $325 $575
SMOTASS~Select Stock Sites Top of page 1 $375 $650
http://www.smotass.net/stocksites.html Bottom of page 2 / 1 $300 $500
SMOTASS~The BookShelf Top of page 1 $325 $550
http://www.smotass.net/bookshelf.html Bottom of page 2 / 1 $200 $380

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